Aviation W&B Calculator is designed by pilots for pilots in the General Aviation world. Our main goal is to provide you with a quick and professional way to calculate your aircraft Weight and Balance with a fully customized interface.

Aviation W&B Calculator provides you the option to build your aircraft OR to use our growing list of over 240 predefined aircraft templates. As of May 2016, more than 35,000 satisfied pilots around the world are using the app.


• Build your aircraft easily
• Generate professional load sheet
• View Center of Gravity on aircraft envelope
• Share your aircraft templates with other pilots
• Know your maneuvering speed in regard to TOW
• Metric Units and US Units are supported
• Given aircraft weight limitations
• Get alerts when exceeding weight limitations
• Build aircraft with up to 18 stations
• Fully customized and friendly interface

Users Wolrldwide: 35,333

Shared Aircraft Templates: 247

* The following templates were created by pilots who use the app.
   Compare template settings with your POH before any use!
Aircraft TypeUnitsCreated ByDownloads
Cessna 172SPUSRoy5667
Cessna 172NUSRoy3410
Cessna 172MUSRoy2633
Cessna 172RUSRoy2332
PA-28-161 Warrior IIUSRoy2301
Cessna 172PUSRoy2245
Cessna 152USRoy2174
Cessna 182TUSRoy2063
PA-28-181 Archer IIUSRoy1953
PA-28-140 CherokeeUSRoy1464
Beechcraft A36 BonanzaUSJames1392
PA-44-180 SeminoleUSRoy1387
PA-28R-200 Arrow IIUSRoy1363
Cessna 206HUSRichardson1228
PA-34-200T SenecaUSMatt1093
Cessna 172USSam1068
Beechcraft 58 BaronUSJames1038
PA46T MeridianUSJoseph1027
Beachcraft V35B BonanzaUSDefault991
Cirrus SR22 MTOW 3400USRoy990
Cessna 172RGUSRoy984
PA-28R-201 Arrow IIIUSRoy972
Cessna 182RGUSLasse963
Cessna 150MUSRoy946
Cessna 182QUSTedyson944
PA-28-181 Archer IIIUSJon939
Beechcraft Super King Air 300USAnthony922
Beechcraft 55 BaronUSJim918
PA-46-350P MirageUSRoy911
PA-28-180D CherokeeUSLasse908
Cessna 172SPMetricDietmar891
Cessna 182PUSRoy879
Cessna 208BUSKyle861
Beechcraft F33A BonanzaUSOlson769
PA-32-300 Cherokee SixUSRobert726
PA-28-180 ArcherUSRoy724
PA-28-151 WarriorUSWill707
Beechcraft King Air C90USJohn640
Mooney M20JUSDan624
Cessna 172KUSRoy614
Cessna CitationJet (525)USDan611
Beechcraft 76 DuchessUSJames606
Columbia 400USMark601
Beechcraft King Air C90BUSRoy600
Diamond DA40 StarUSPambos597
PA-28RT-201T Arrow IVUSDr.Bruce590
Cirrus SR20 MTOW 3000USJohn570
Beechcraft 58G BaronUSJohn551
Cessna 177BUSRoy551
PA-31-350 ChieftainUSJim550
Cessna 182RUSRoy546
PA-28R-180 ArrowUSRoy541
Robin DR40MetricMarc534
PA-18 "150" Super CubUSDarrel526
Diamond DA40 Std TankUSDavid525
Cessna 414 RAM VIUSCaptain523
Cessna 421CUSLasse523
Beechcraft G36 BonanzaUSJeff523
Cessna 182SUSRoy504
PA-23-250 AztecUSJim503
Diamond DA42NGUSDavid501
Cessna 172LUSRoy499
Cessna 206GMetricSmith493
PA-32R-300 Lance IIUSCleon489
Cessna 150HUSAndy488
PA-32R-301T Saratoga SPUSZsolt486
Bellanca Super Viking 17-30AUSBill480
Cirrus SR22T MTOW 3400USAndy479
PA-30-160 Twin ComancheUSJuan478
Cessna 210N/T210NUSRobert478
Cessna 210M/T210USRoy476
Grumman AA5B TigerUSBob470
Cessna 177RGUSRoy466
Cessna 172GUSJeff461
PA-32R-301 Saratoga SPUSTodd453
PA-34-220T Seneca VUSMichael451
Cessna Citation Bravo (550)USTravis432
Cirrus SR22T MTOW 3600USAndy427
Cessna 310RUStjzier422
PA-32-260 Cherokee SixUSDavid413
Cessna 340A with VG'sUSDavid403
Cirrus SR20 MTOW 3050USBob384
Cessna 180USRoy379
Cessna 162USRoy373
PA-31-310 NavajoUSSeth373
Cessna Citation S/II (S550)USMike371
Diamond DA40 LR 2646USDavid371
Cessna 150DUSPaul371
Cirrus SR22 MTOW 3600USPaul369
Learjet 45XRUSNico364
Diamond Star DA40-180MetricDr.Christoph359
PA-24-250 ComancheUSHugh350
PA-28-235 CherokeeUSPhillip348
Cessna Citation V (560)USJim344
Cessna Citation Mustang (510)USRobert344
Grumman AA5A CheetahUSEliot342
Aquila A210MetricMichael337
Beechcraft V35B Bonanza (Tip Tanks)USMark337
PA-28-160B CherokeeUSDoug328
Cessna 172HUSDave320
Mooney M20CUSSteven317
Cessna 310QUSErich310
Socata TBM 850USRalph296
Commander 114BUSJim283
Beechcraft F33 BonanzaUSJon C.282
Beechcraft 95 Travel AirUSNelson279
PA-28-236 DakotaUSCedric273
Cirrus SR20 MTOW 2900USRoy268
PA-22 Tri-PacerUSWilliam264
Diamond DA40 LR 2535USDavid259
Diamond DA42NG Std TanksUSDavid255
PA-31T Cheyenne IIUSCaptain252
Beechcraft King Air F90USBrian250
Aeronca 7AC ChampionUSBoris244
Aviat Husky A-1C-180USDavid243
PA-46-310P MalibuUSRoy242
PA-38-112 TomahawkUSChad239
Cessna 170BUSRoy233
Mooney M20K 231USBren233
Cessna 172FUSJames225
Cessna 421USRoy223
Cessna T182USAndy221
Cessna 172AUSMike215
Beechcraft Sierra C24RUSJames214
Mooney M20FUSPaige210
Cessna 180KUSGuy206
Beechcraft 60 DukeUSMichael205
Cessna Citation Encore (560)USJim204
Beachcraft A23-19 MusketeerUSRick202
Citabria 7GCBCUSTom202
Cessna 172CUSRoy202
Quest Kodiak 100USKen201
Cessna 182USBob198
Mooney M20RUSjfkenney192
Citabria 7KCABUSMark192
Citabria 7ECAUSChris185
Mooney M20EUSjbloodhunter183
Beechcraft A23-24 MusketeerUSBrian182
Cessna Citation Sovereign (680)USRoy181
Cessna 172QUSRoy180
Cessna 340AUSDustin179
Cessna 210USDave176
Cessna 425 Conquest IUSBill175
Cessna 172EUSJohn172
Diamond DA40 Std 2535USDavid171
Cessna 182GUSEric163
Socata TB9USRoy162
Gippsland GA8 AirvanUSAlan162
Cessna 172IUSAndy161
Cessna P210NUSPaul160
Cessna 140USDavid158
Aquila AT01MetricSport156
Cessna 182MUSRoy156
Aeronca 11 ChiefUSKevin150
Flight Design CTLSUSStuart150
Cessna R172K Hawk XPUSJohn150
PA-18S "150" Super CubUSDan146
Cessna 206h AmphibianUSRene139
Cessna 182LUSCharles139
Cessna 172BUSPit136
Cessna TU206GUSBryant132
PA-24-260 ComancheUSGregory130
PA-60-601P AerostarUSCaptain130
Cessna 182NUSBrian126
PA-23-180 Apache GeronimoUSLoren125
Cessna 182HUSTommy124
Cessna 172DUSFred120
CSA SportCruiserUSDaniel119
Grumman AA1B TrainerUSRich118
Grumman GA-7 CougarUSDan118
Beechcraft A23A MusketeerUSCenturytel117
Cessna 182AUSTom117
PA-32-301XTC 6XTUSKen114
Cessna 182KUSRobert114
PA-12 Super CruiserUSOlivier111
Cessna 170AUSRoy108
Cessna 182JUSAndrew108
Mooney M20MUSJoseph108
Stinson 108-1USJane107
Cessna 210CUSFred103
Cessna T337HUSStan102
Cessna TR182USLong102
Pilatus PC6T ChiricahuaMetricPaul101
Beechcraft A55 BaronUSMarcos101
Socata TBM 700AUSNIck100
Socata TBM 700C2USNick100
Remos GXUSCharles100
Cessna 182EUSKevin99
EMB-810D Seneca IIIMetricMarcos99
Schweizer SGS 2-33 USHangar99
Cessna 182BUSFred98
P51 MustangUSRobert96
Pitts S-2BUSRoy93
PA-42 Cheyenne IIIUSDavid92
Cessna 404 TitanUSSam90
Aviat Husky A-1C-200USJohn86
Cessna 170USTom86
Cessna 120USRoy82
Cessna T337G Pressurized USEdwin82
Cessna 182FUSErich82
Grob G 115USDan79
PA-24-260C ComancheUSRob78
Citabria 7GCAAUSGreg77
Luscombe 8FUSCenturytel71
Mooney M20TNUSRoy69
P32R SaratogaUSAlex69
Beechcraft Model 77 SkipperUSJames69
Aeronca 7BCM (L-16A)USDan68
PA-60-600A AerostarUSNathan65
Cessna 182CUSRon65
PA-28-201T Turbo DakotaUSJohn64
PA-19 (Army L-18C)USRob63
Alarus CH2000USRyan58
Robin HR 100-210MetricJacques58
Cessna 210BUSGreg58
PA-42 Cheyenne 400LSUSTheodore57
PA-12S Super CruiserUSMike54
Cessna 210AUSLiz54
Liberty XL2USPeter53
BD-4 Murphy Metal WingUSSpike52
Taylorcraft F22USShawn51
EMB-711 CoriscoMetricAdriano50
Cessna 182DUSJohnathan47
Cessna 140AUSShawn46
Jabiru J170-CMetricKevin44
C212-400 ec-HTUMetricIgnaclo33
Bristell LSAUSRoy31
Jabiru J170-SPUSLoren29
Bristell LSAMetricRoy29
Gardan GY80-180MetricBlanchard19
PA-60-601 AerostarUSJoe19
PZL Koliber 150MetricHelko17
Brumby EXPMetricJack12
Skyeton K-10 SwiftUSRoy4

[As of May 4th, 2016]

User Reviews

Excellent - 5 stars
by Freedom Divine on Monday, March 11 2016
Love this app, easy to use. Takes literally seconds to put the info in and have the results, Awesome.

Quick and easy! - 5 stars
by Daniel Murray on Sunday, March 10 2016
This is a very useful app. It is very quick and easy to use. Customer service is top notch. I did have one question about setup and received a phone call promptly, is a breath of fresh air nowadays! Highly recommended.

Awesome app! - 5 stars
by Super Dave Pilot on Sunday, March 10 2016
This is worth the price! I have 2 other programs and this is the best by far. Like the Bali to print or email the completed w&b to anyone! Great for 135 operations.

Great App! - 5 stars
by JaLR1 on Tuesday, February 26 2016
As a flight instructor at a university I fly many different tail numbers in a day. This app has made my job much faster and I love the ability to email the W&B sheet after both my student an I have signed it!

Private SEL pilot - 5 stars
by AC @ KFUL - Version 1.7 - November 17, 2015
Can't think of a negative point regarding this app! If you are a general aviation pilot you can't do better than this

Excellent - 5 stars
by Unimpressed11 - Version 1.7 - November 16, 2015
Agree with most of the favorable comments. Easy to set up although my POH was barely readable. Compared to another piece of software that doesn't run on IPad and results were nearly identical (not sure if other package had identical input). As a GA pilot, the ability to print and/or email is useful to me since I fly numerous Angel Flights and they want w&b for their records

Great app - 5 stars
by Dini11 - Version 1.7 - November 12 2015
I'm pleased with the app and thoroughly pressed with the developer's customer service.

Better than paper! - 5 stars
by AFC TECH - Version 1.7 - November 12 2015
This app takes little space, and works easily to double check MGW & W&B. Downloaded Piper Archer and Cessna 172SP, and both work well.

Excellent product - 5 stars
by CJD Irishman - Version 1.7 - November 12 2012
This was very user friendly and simple to make a custom template. Well worth the money!

Aviation W&B Calculator - 5 stars
by FlyBonanza - Version 1.7 - Sep 8, 2012
I will not load my aircraft without this app. Easy to use. Accurate. If you are concerned about loading your aircraft within CG limits, get this app!!

AWESOME! - 5 stars
by Pick1name - Version 1.6 - Sep 7, 2012
I am a CFI/II MEI, and I work at a flight school flying C172s, PA-18, PA28R, and PA-44. This app allows me to quickly check to make sure that my students w/b calculations are accurate. I can quickly fund out if we can take a ride a long with the current fuel load. I have over 30 different aircraft stored on this app. I can easily verify that the empty weight and arms are are current before doing a weight and balance problem.

Great App and Great Customer Service - 5 stars
by Rake11 - Version 1.6 - Sep 5, 2012
I needed a W&B for my Citabria 7eca and they got right on it I had it next day! These guys are awesome! Setting the example for how app developers should be towards their customers! Thanks, Chris

Absolutely amazing support - 5 stars
by Digital Loo - Version 1.6 - Aug 5, 2012
First, this is a great app! Clean, easy, and intuitive. Does its job perfectly. Second, and more importantly, the customer service is unbelievable. Almost instant, proactive, and friendly. I've never seen anything like it anywhere. Five stars isn't enough for this well-designed and well-supported app!

CenturionPilot - 5 stars
by CenturionPilot on Friday, March 23 2012 version 1.6
Works great! Could see it bring VERY useful for the Bonanza group with their narrow envelopes. 210's will haul it all and fast!

Great App - 5 stars
by RHN1 on Sunday, March 25 2012 version 1.6
Great app. I use it for Piper PA28-140. Right on. I would recommend this app.

Great App - 5 stars
by driveon on Wednesday, March 28 2012 version 1.6
This app does just what it is supposed to do without any extraneous crap that you don't need. Used it on my PP checkride. FAA examiner thought it was great...and so did I.

Perfect!! - 5 stars
by Milehighaz on Tuesday, April 03 2012 version 1.6
We fly a corporate TBM700 and it isn't a standard configuration. We fly weekly and have different passenger and fuel requirements. You create your entire envelope from your poh once and then it is very efficient. I'm done with weight and balance in seconds, save it, and I'm legal.

Best weight and balance app - 5 stars
by Ken Malvey on Saturday, March 31 2012 version 1.6
This is the quickest, easiest weight and balance app I've seen. Also - the tech support is amazing. Very helpful and very prompt! I highly recommend this app for pilots.

Turbo Arrow IV - 5 stars
by Molrn8r on Monday, April 02 2012 version 1.6
My airplane was nor on the pre-configured list, and even that only took 10 minutes with the POH to have a profile done. Outstanding value for the $$.

Tiger N81032 - 5 stars
by Ejectr on Monday, April 02 2012 version 1.6
This app was everything I was looking for. Has plenty of templates and very easy customization for an aircraft that is not on the template list. Great graphical charts and nice text summaries with the ability to print and email if desired. Customer service is beyond excellent with immediate replies to emails and the assurance that if you have a problem, they are there for you. They are open to suggestions from users for improvements and additions to future updates. Glad I chose to get this one. These people are a joy to deal with and their product is extremely good

Awesome app - 5 stars
by CDN flyer - Version 1.5 - Feb 12, 2012
Great app. Excellent UI. Simple to use. I've already told several pilot friends about it.

Awesome Customer Service - 5 stars
by Carbonfreek - Version 1.5 - Feb 27, 2012
Prior to purchasing this app I contacted the developer Roy Kronenfeld with some questions regarding how to build the W&B envelope for my Grumman Traveler if I chose to buy his app. I sent him an email on a Monday night at about 5:30 PM. I truthfully didn't expect to hear back from him until the following day, however, 10 minutes later I got a response from him. He asked me to send him some specific info regarding my plane and he'd do the calculations necessary to build the proper envelope. About 10 minutes later he sent me back the numbers to plug into the envelope plot. He did this without obligating me to purchase his product. Needless to say I purchased his App and plugged in the numbers he gave me. It works exactly as I'd hoped. Roy's app is quick and precise. More importantly his customer service is impeccable. He's a very honest and helpful guy with a great product. BUY THIS APP. You won' Regret it.

Outstanding Service - 5 stars
by rogwibb - Version 1.5 - Feb 24, 2012
I am building an experimental aircraft and initially thought that this program might help in my Weight and Balance calcs, but I didn't have a handbook to give me the envelope plotting points. Roy took the time to research with the kit manufacturer to give me the points to set up the app. It works great, just what I needed, and the service was outstanding. Thanks again Roy.

Outstanding! - 5 stars
by MagicCarpetRides - Version 1.5 - Feb 12, 2012
Best response to my questions of any app I've loaded! Easy to use with excellent interface and graphics. The standard version of my A/C model was easy to customize, and now produces the quickest "what if" load calculations and the graphic envelope depiction possible. Well worth the .99 per model cost.

Nice clean interface...great app with great potential - 5 stars
by opinpi - Version 1.5 - Feb 11, 2012
I really like the look and feel of this app. It's the nicest interface I have seen for W&B apps. The developer is super responsive to suggestions for improvements. Great customer support!!